Friday, 11 May 2007

Like a jigsaw puzzle

Having the pieces first obviously helps, and we have already created separate receive and transmit windows together with the necessary network socket details. We want to define a new object that incorporates both receiver and transmit side functionality and manages all the network specific details for us. Independently we can investigate what kind of API we want to see by creating new basic send and receiver tools: pgmsend and pgmrecv derived from previously created basic_recv_with_rxw and stream_send_with_nak. The following diagram shows all the components that are affected:

That's getting a bit complicated to view from a functional level so lets have a look at the combined data flow diagram:

The TX/RX queue refers to of the operating system, the asynchronous event queue and event loop is determinable upon the integration framework. Currently integration is with the Glib event loop however the event hooks can easily be redirected to a Windows native, Qt, or any other. It is also not necessary for the PGM event loop to be a separate from the application event loop, although only recommended for low data rate applications.

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