Wednesday, 4 April 2007

Re-inventing the Wheel

Any significant application in the world that is supported on multiple platforms creates its own toolkit for performing basic functions like file and network I/O. This may be due to some functions not being available on different platforms: e.g. WSASocket on Windows, or simply a requirement for more advanced basic functions like file_get_contents() in PHP. Popular toolkits or frameworks include Glib (not to be confused with glibc), Qt (Trolltech), Mozilla, and Apache runtimes.

In choosing Glib we gain a well used thread-safe event manager and a native C API allowing purposing in C++ too, its also a petite library without tying to a graphics system like Gtk+ and can be built upon with GObjects and an embedded web server LibSoup to easily implement a web administrative interface.

A variety of toolkits or frameworks are available from different organizations under different licenses.

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